3R expands services offered in Beira

3R offers integrated waste management services. Our clients are informed about

With the arrival of container trucks, 3R-Reduce, Reuse and Recycle extends the services offered to its customers in Beira. Now, the company is able to meet the need of large producers of waste with containers of 6 and 9 m3, as well as collecting them.

3R offers integrated waste management services. Our clients are instructed during an induction meeting to make a basic separation at source between common and recyclable waste. All recyclable materials are taken to our Material Recovery Center, where we separate and pre-process the materials (crushing, compacting, packaging, etc.). The processed material is then sent to reliable partners in Mozambique and abroad, where it is used as raw material for the production of new products.


We make customized proposals to meet the specific needs of each client. If you are interested in our services, please contact us at info@3r-mozambique.com or call 8.

Topic News // 13/03/2020

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